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About GWC Group

Having developed and delivered many training and risk solutions around the world, GWC group utilises proven methodologies which minimise risk and allows the institution to benefit from previous experiences which are geared to producing deliverables in line with strategic plans and client priorities. GWC group is a global leader in training and people development. With a UK and African presence, we have the confidence to guarantee the success of our work and help organisations and people to succeed and improve through our innovative and robust training, strategy settings and implementation.

GWC Group have high standards when it comes to professional issues that will enhance the governance and success of an organisation. This has aided our success in the sensitive areas like Finance, IT Security, Operations, Projects and Risk Management. We combine this with our commitment, enthusiasm, professionalism, strong code of business ethics and dedication that makes us stand out.

GWC group goes beyond delivering outputs from projects. Co-ordinating delivery from multiple projects or staged delivery from very large projects needs a layer of control above and beyond project management. GWC group can provide that layer of oversight. But GWC group can be used to achieve much more. Transformational change comes about when we exploit the capability inherent in project outputs. In business as usual we need to achieve outcomes and deliver benefits that are of strategic importance. GWC group achieve outcomes and benefits with the wider stakeholder community and then pace the delivery from projects to allow optimal change within business as usual.